Sunday, January 5, 2020

Our Chanukah Celebration Was Highlighted by "The Publicity of the Miracle"

Chanukah is the ideal time to be exceptionally visible as Jews. This is the core concept behind the Rabbinic ordinance of " Pirsumei Nisa"- Proclaim the Miracle. This becomes, "al achat kama v'kama", a fortiori, even more so, essential at a time when Jews have been targeted for being visibly Jewish in New York City and State, New Jersey, and elsewhere.

Therefore, it was so appropriate that this year, the last night of Chanukah, Dec.29, we had our giant Menorah, visibly planted for all to see, on the front patio, facing Crescent Heights at Fountain in West Hollywood, visible to all cars traffic heading from LA into the Valley and back.( Our thanks to Carmen Fraser, who designed and crafted the Menorah).

Afterwards, our celebration moved indoors for dance, song and Chanukah treats.
Singing featured Andrea Beth Vassilev