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Our Mission

At MEMORY IN ACTION: EMBRACING THE PAST FOR THE FUTURE is a Research and Education Center. We are dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of our community's past. Through our research, exhibits, events, and educational programs, we strive to reconstruct  the history of the Jewish experience  in all it diversity over the period from the mid-19th century to nowadays in Los Angeles. It has been a historical discourse of societal reconstruction, building new identities and to some extent  shaping American perceptions  

The Past and Present are interconnected on a communal  level, a national level, and on a world -wide level.

We are will be offering our analytic reviews on contemporary geopolitically   existential situations in Los Angeles, the Middle East and Ukraine. The global and personal issues in the end  are equally critical.  Therefore  the core virtues of sensibility, empathy and relief are our guiding values. These principle are foundational for our humanitarian and scholarly pursuits.  

Our logo is the ancient Hebrew letter Bet , which represents the first sound for Bereshit, Beginning. Ancient teachings hold that the shape of the letter taught us that we are to focus our thoughts from the foundations of human existence and move forward, thus embracing the past for the future. It also reflects the story of the origin of Beth El, from which this historic institution derived its name.It was, as the ancient account tells us, the union of Heaven and Earth, the spiritual and the mundane, bound together at the vision of Jacob's ladder. 

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