The Splendid 100 Year History of Hollywood Temple Beth El

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When HTBE was home to the Warner Bros Stars. Photos form 1931-32 New Years Tribute Book
Benjamin Warner, President, and father of the famous Bros

Can you name these stars?

Edward G Robinson,"Little Ceasar",later a great president of HTBE, top center. Can you name the others?

Rabbi Max Kert, Rabbi of the congregation in the Warner years

This 1948 photo of our Hebrew School Seder was on the cover page of the Jewish Journal in 1992

The founder of Tokyo’s organized Jewish community was a Russian textile businessman, Anatole Ponve, who established the Kobe synagogue in 1937.
During the early 1940s, Ponve was among those who mobilized a massive effort to take care of Jewish refugees from Europe.
After the war, Ponve, the community’s first president, personally guaranteed a loan from Chase Manhattan Bank for the purchase of the land for the community center from a Japanese family in the upscale Hiroo District.
As you can see in the note from the book, Fugu Plan, above, Ponve was one of the presidents of Hollywood Temple Beth El when he relocated here.

When the House Unamerican Activities Committee tried to root out Communists in the Hollywood film industry, past President Edward G Robinson had to show where his contributions went. HTBE is listed as one of his favorite charities.

More from the testimony of "Little Caesar"

Proclamation from LA County

Proclamation by Mayor Tom Bradley

Proclamation from City of West Hollywood

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