Thursday, May 3, 2018

Israeli Folk Dancing at Congregation Beth Yeshurun

Peace and harmony through dance.
I was recently in Houston for the Bar Mitzvah of my nephew’s son.
While there, I went to see our dear friends, Rachel and Eddie Weisblatt, at the weekly Israeli folk dance session.
44 years ago, I opened this dance program with Rachel and it has been going strong ever since, through oil industry recessions and terrible floods, through thick and thin.
We held a regional dance seminar with Israeli choreographer , Moshiko, and participants came from all over Texas and Louisiana.
The dance group held its first public performance with  two male and two female lead dancers for Jerusalem,a decade after the Six Day War.
Right after the performance, someone in the audience  came up to and said, Rabbi ,that was a wonderful performance, but how come the lead male made a sign of the cross just as he started.
“No surprise, he’s a Catholic. The other fellow didn’t, because he ‘s a Moslem from
 Turkey “ !
If we could get Jew, Christian and Moslem together then through dance,maybe it will happen again, not just for a quartet, but for the whole world.

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