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Our Shanghai Ghetto visit on Chinese news media

Our visit to the Shanghai Ghetto Museum was reported on Chinese news media:

This is the direct link to the website:

This is the video that appeared with it:

In the center, the Museum Director. To his right, my brother-in-law, Dror Zadok, and to his left, my sister-in-law, Helene Zadok. Ofra and I are standing next to her.Our guide, James ( wearing a beige vest), is standing on the far right of the photo.

This is the  presentation plaque.

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This is a rough translation, courtesy of Google Translate, with some minor touch-ups.
In order not to forget the memories - " Joseph - He Fengshan project of the first delegation to visit Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum
2019-11-02 15:56:39 LONDON

For the unforgettable memories -the first group of " Joseph- He Fengshan" project visited Shanghai Jewish Refugees Memorial

2019-11-02 15:56:39 Oriental Network

   20 th century, 30 's to 40 early years, and the wave of anti-Semitism in Europe 
under Nazi persecution crazy, thousands of Jews fled their homes. At that time, the rest of the world either could not afford or feared offending the Nazis and closed their doors to the Jews. And Shanghai, China, thousands of miles away has become the Noah's Ark for Jewish refugees due to multiple factors . According to statistics, about 25,000 Jews came to seek refuge in Shanghai at the time. Except for those who died of illness, the rest survived, and 408 people were born .
 " Joseph Ho Fengshan The first mission of the project came to Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum visit, and the museum staff retracing of this history. The project is a Houston-based US-China Cultural Exchange Center initiated education, aims to mutual visits in the form of push move the Jewish people and Chinese people understand each other, to spread the spirit of love. Of this 20 Jewish international delegation, flew directly from Israel to Shanghai, while 17 were born in Israel and later moved to the United States.
  In reference before the concept started in the United States Special Envoy for Education Exchange Center in Houston on behalf of  Dror Zadok. representatives of the US Educational Exchange Center Dr. Wu Wei, president of the Houston Holocaust Museum and chairman Benjamin  Warren Presented a gift to the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Memorial. Zadok told reporters that this special gift was made for the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Memorial Hall by the Houston Holocaust Memorial Museum. He thanked the memorial for its contribution to the life history of Shanghai residents and Jewish refugees during World War II. In the photo frame is Benjamin Warren (left), US-China Education Exchange Center . President Dr. Wu Wei (middle) and Dror Zadok right.
   Mrs.  Helene Zadok  reported , five years ago, she and Mr. Zadok also participated together in Houston Beth Hall organized by the Jewish Refugees in Shanghai exhibition view, then Shanghai The Jewish Refugees Museum brought more than 50 exhibits and archives , which caused a lot of local response. What moved her most was that when the whole world was rejecting Jews, only Shanghai opened its doors to Jews.
   On behalf of the delegation, the US envoy in educational and cultural exchange center in Los Angeles on behalf of Dali Gott presented the valuable information   on the work of the well-known tycoon Victor Sassoon.. 
  With reference conduct concept, a gripping story, depicting the joys and sorrows of the picture unfolding in front of members of the delegation. There is both Chinese Schindler said the Chinese Consul General in Vienna, Austria issued Ho risked Jewish refugees life and death visa epic, there are 17 -year-old Eric Tauber . All the consulates were thrilled to save a family by getting 20 visas to Shanghai while eating behind closed doors; there were the dangers of Jewish refugees fleeing to Shanghai on the cold Siberian train after the sea route was cut off by the Nazis, and after life gradually stabilized Central European style open near the basket overseas cafe, bar and restaurant, eventually forming the famed little Vienna good news; there are body now was the Jewish heritage of Shanghai Education You Tai YMCA school information, also reflected after the Japanese occupation of Shanghai An introduction to the most difficult period when refugees rushed into the Ghetto (also known as Ghetto .
   Jewish Refugee Relief Society in Shanghai
   According to the guide introduced, there were Wanduo Jewish refugees and 10 million residents of Shanghai Hongkou mixed population. Jews in Shanghai has been able to free from hunger and cold, in addition to the Jewish state inter-ministerial committee United States Joint Relief Committee ," and other rescue foreign economic assistance and resettlement community, Hongkou area of Shanghai residents also lent a helping hand.
 The old people who   are still gathered around Tangshan Road have recalled this history: At that time, the people in the lower part of Shanghai who lived with Jews in the isolation zone were friendly and kind. They gave up their rooms to house Jewish refugees, helped them find jobs, lent them some living tools, and accepted Jewish refugee children to school.

   The guide also introduced an oil painting called "New Year's Eve". Its creative inspiration comes from the true memories of a Jewish refugee. On a traditional New Year's Eve, a Chinese family invited a Jewish refugee family to their home for dinner : There are not many food and drinks on the dinner table, but everyone talks and laughs, and it is fun; careful The Chinese housewife helped them prepare the knife and fork in advance; when they saw that the Jews were not used to eating with others on a plate, the owner quickly divided the food into the plate in front of everyone. "
   Like so ordinary Shanghai people to rescue, to accept Jewish refugees example, there are many, many ......
  1993 Nian 10 Yue 14 , Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin during a visit to the site of Moses synagogue inscription, on behalf of the Government of Israel thanked the Chinese people a helping hand in times of crisis in the life and death of the Jewish people out of.
     Reference After the outlook, members of the delegation were in the yard a relaxing moment, but also talking about it. Ms. Ofra Weinberg from Los Angeles said she was very happy that the former site of the Moses Synagogue was so well preserved. It also vividly presented history through multimedia and other forms. Jewish descendants can come here to learn about the difficult history of their own nation, The stubborn will and optimism of the forefathers . Although she has not personally experienced it, she has known this memorial long ago, because a friend of hers was born here and told her the story of how her parents escaped from the Nazi slaughter. Her friends ’parents’ The name is on the wall of the refugee list. She also expressed her heartfelt thanks to the people of Shanghai. Without the assistance of that year, millions of Jews and future generations would not have a rich life now. Ms. Sylvia Yahalom , who was born in Israel, came to Shanghai for the second time. She also thought it was a beautiful and memorable spot . She also wanted to go to the white horse cafe on the opposite side and the slightly old red brick spires on Zhoushan Road Take a look at the old house, where it is the epitome of Little Vienna and it was once the busiest neighborhood in the Jewish quarter. 
  Reference outlook began to look at the good, the ending in a relaxed atmosphere. Because here is not only a memory of suffering, but also the friendship of watchfulness and help in suffering, as well as the hope of going to the poor and sitting in the clouds. He once sailed across the sea to escape the disaster, and once settled and prospered to welcome the new life. I believe that this memorial, which records the historical changes of the Jewish nation, will become a permanent link between the Jewish people and the Chinese people in the world.

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