Monday, April 19, 2021

Celebrating Israel's 73rd Independence Day

Audio Visuals celebrating Israel's birth, ingathering of exiles,and highlights from the opening of the celebration at Mt Herzl

Enjoy our 73rd Israel Anniversary Program 

I also shared my own experiences in Israel. I had been a graduate student in Judaic studies at the Hebrew University, 1969-70 and 1972-73, under the auspices of the Jewish Theological Seminary. In 1986, I came back for a trial year, where I worked with the Deputy Attorney General of the State of Israel, Prof. Nahum Rakower, on a translation of an academic text, and at the Jewish Theological Seminary's branch in Israel/

In 1986, I was called upon by the Secretary General of the Histadrut to lead the Labor union's  Central Institute for Jewish Studies at Bet Berl College. Here's a description of my activities:

Central Institute for Jewish Studies of the Histadrut  at  Bet Berl College, Kfar Sava, Israel

Director (1987 to 1990)

·         Provided programmatic and operational leadership to this education center serving adults seeking to learn about Jewish heritage and values, and to facilitate mutual understanding across religious and ethnic lines.

·         Operated under the auspices of the Israel Federation of Labor (Histadrut) in conjunction with the Israel Ministry of Education and the Israel Labor Federation.

·         Represented the Institute in meetings with former Prime Ministers and national labor leaders.

Here are some pictures of that period:

Brochure for our programs p 1

Page 2

English brochure for US distribution

Page 2

Newsletter in Rishon Letzion announcing our program

Preparing for Seder at Bet Berl. Newspaper would report it as "among "ha'adumim",the Reds ( socialists)

Conference of Science and Religion

With guest speaker Dr Yeshayahu Leibovitz

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