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The Unkindest Cut of All- Part 1

 The Unkindest Cut of All --On Jews and other enablers of Hamas with a lookback 75 years

Part I

The video of my discussion

(This is my discussion on the Torah, in which I draw a parallel between the cruelty of the Sodomites and today's Hamas. I also go into a digression on the origin and  purpose of the term Palestine, from Eretz Pilishtim-Land of the Invaders. )


It is bizarre to be a Jew in a world which denies you the right to defend yourself, which says “tsk, tsk” and rushes to judgement for every wrong doing, even if it turn out to be right. Thus, we have the Secretary General of the UN explaining away the actions of Hamas because :

”The Palestinian people have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation.”

Note the 56 years ( since the Six Day War). This  been used repeatedly in propaganda that has come out to cover up for Hamas “dirty deeds.”

Why not 75 years? From 1948:

“During the 20 years the Gaza Strip was under Egyptian control (1948–67), it remained little more than a reservation. Egyptian rule was generally repressive( .  

Nevertheless, they found the energy to launch fedayeen attacks from Gaza in those years of “ no occupation”.


Why not 100 years, since the British took over, and the Arabs massacred Jews and erased entire communities in Gaza and Hebron with no Israeli occupation.

Why not the several centuries before, when the territory that would become the British mandate of Palestine was under the Ottoman Turks, was mis-administered and neglected, was fought over many times in the Napoleonic wars and later, between Egypt and the Turks, and yet again, between the many mini-states and warlords in the region that warred on each other then.

We could also turn the clock around, going forward.

The economic growth rate from 1967 to 1982 averaged roughly 9.7 percent per annum, due in good part to expanded income from work opportunities inside Israel. In other words, the beginning of that 56 year period of “ suffocating occupation” was the first time the Palestinians could support themselves by themselves!


Then, in 1994, with the Oslo accords, Gaza was handed over to its own people, the Palestinian Liberation Organization; there was no longer an occupation, but their terror attacks did not stop. Then, in 2005, Israel withdrew fully, Hamas was voted in 2 years later, and the terror attacks continued, without any occupation.

If anyone has been forcibly evacuated in that period, it was Israelis, who were uprooted from a beautiful town they had built in the Sinai, Yamit, whose inhabitants were removed by force by Israel in order to make possible the peace agreement with Egypt, and then Gush Katif, 17 settlements whose inhabitants were removed by force by the Israeli army, with the illusion that it would lead the Gazans to make their peace with Israel.

Yes, this is described often as a “ concentration camp”, but on with a relatively high life expectancy for the Arab world:

US 80 ; Lebanon 77;  United Arab Emirates 77; Morocco 77 ; Libya 76 ; West Bank 76 ; Tunisia 76; Oman 75 ; Saudi Arabia 75; Gaza Strip 75;  Jordan 74 ; Egypt 73 ;Turkey 73; Iraq 71;  Iran 71; Russia 70.

This is a 2014 statistic, but it is telling, that after 56 years of “ Oppression”, “occupation”, “genocide”, that the Gazans did better than Jordan, Egypt, Turkey ( an economic powerhouse in many ways) or nuclear and space power, Russia!

I would like to know what life expectancy was in Buchenwald?!

The TV is filled, yes, with images of destroyed buildings in northern Gaza, and babies being pulled out of the rubble. Yes, it is horrible, but unlike the surprise attack against Israel by Hamas, Israel gave the people of northern Gaza plenty of time to move south, and many did, just as Israel has evacuated hundreds of thousands of its own citizens away from the battle lines. International organizations have seen fit to condemn Israel for urging people to leave the battle field, even though that is the rule of inernational law in military conflict!


 If there are civilians there, they have been kept there by Hamas, but it’s Israel’s fault,  and, as we could see, if Hamas or Jihadi rockets are fired towards Israel, but land, at a rate of some 20 to 50% of the time, on civilians, that is immediately blamed on Israel, especially if it lands on a hospital.

Yes, we will see harsh images, such as this:

Gaza? No!

The Syrian city of Aleppo, destroyed under Assad, 230,000 civilians dead at the hands of their own brothers.

Or this?

Gaza? No!

The Syrian City of Raqqah, after the war against Isis. 1600 civilians killed there 10,000 civilians in Mosul alone, by US and allied forces to free the Middle East from ISIS. Again, by their brothers.

Or this?


Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, after Russian missile attack.

120,000 dead, between military and civilian. This is what Russia did to Ukraine, their “little brother”!

Where were the massive marches of protest? Did people take to the streets ? Did anyone take over the Capitoll Rotunda or Grand Central Station for them?

Just a month ago, an entire independent state of Ngorno-Karrabach was eliminated, and its entire population exiled to Armenia. Did any one, other than Armenians, shed a tear? Or is it that Christians expelled by Muslims is a non- issue, or that they were not attacked by a Jewish state makes it a non-issue?

The so-called peace organization Code Pink obstructed a Senate hearing for support for Israel. Never once did Code Pink protest against any tyranny or horror., unless it was blamed on the US or Israel. Typically, such organizations as Code Pink support the dictatorship in Venezuela, will never protest China's actions, but do protest US aid for Ukraine.

At the end, you will see who I am addressing.


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