Monday, April 22, 2019

Murder Masquerades as Righteousness

I posted these brief comments on Facebook, the first following the recent multiple bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter ,done in the name of Islam , and the second , earlier, following the mass shooting of Moslems in the name of "white supremacy."

Hatred is not the possession of any one religion, race or nationality. Mass murder is not restricted to one political ideology.  In the name of great ideals, for example, the last century saw the greatest shedding of human blood in all of history, all in the name of some grand goal- not just in the name of the master race, but also in the name of class struggle and the creation of Utopia.

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"Our hearts go out to Christians who entered their sacred place on the most sacred day of the year for them, Easter, only to be slaughtered and maimed in the name of God. Just as we condemned the killing of innocent Muslims in the Mosque in New Zealand, we must protest acts of murder against Christians that has been going on in many parts of the world. All of us, Jews, Christians, and Muslims must affirm that we can not allow in our midst, those who preach violence against others. We must all beware of the temptation to masquerade our inner madness in the garb of saintliness and noble causes. The previous century was already bloodied with the tens of millions of dead for the sake of the "class struggle" as well as for "race" "; we can't go down that path again." ( April 22)

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This week , in the Jewish calendar, is designated as " Shabbat Zachor." We are called to remember the attack of Amalek who attacked us as we left Egypt, when we were weak and defenseless. Amalek has become the paradigm for those who preach hatred of their fellow human being.
We work for the day when we erase the cause of Amalek, Sinat Hinam, Groundless hatred, of human beings, that it will disappear from among all peoples, of all races, nationalities, and religions.
We as Jews understand this all too well. ( March 15)

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